Signed Book / Signiertes Buch

The Groupie Killer

Signed copy of my debut novel "The Groupie Killer" with a personal dedication and a limited edition guitar pick.

On a cold night, in one of the top cities in the country, makeup was being donned, tales were being told and expectations soared like eagles in the skies.

They were back. Back with a bang. Bigger than ever. American Jesus and their charismatic frontman JD...

When a poor girl, brought up in one of the most Christian-themed homes, succumbs to such distasteful fates as other girls through the years, the onus falls on none other than Detective Shawn to bring her killer to justice no matter how. Retracing her steps brings him in contact with American Jesus, one of the most respected rock bands in the country, whose mind-blowing gigs often preceded the deaths of innocent girls, but with no evidence or ties to the rockstars...

#sex #drugs #crime #rockstars #groupies #love #music #rocknroll #thegroupiekiller

Unfortunately, the road to redemption and justice is a slippery one no man should venture into alone.

This is a tale of betrayal, frustration, vengeance and need for redemption, fueled by an uproar of emotions. Will he get the justice he sought for the families whose cries haunt him every night? Will the killer be found within the popular rock band whose drug-fueled and cult-like actions gave room for concerns and suspicions? Or will the killer strike again and go scot-free?

Thank you my friends

- Love and respect