Lindemann Tour

Smashed guitars, a million microphones and a lot of straps

Having known Till for quite some years, I still remember when he played me the Knebel demo for the first time (but that is another story ;) ). I immidiately told the boss, if you ever should perform this song life, you have to smash a guitar in the break part. Fast forward a long time. 1 weeks before tour rehearsals at Black Box, Till called me and said that he remembered my idea and wanted to go forward with it. I said sure, I am gonna make it happen. When I hung up, I realised that it was only a couple of days to be make it happen.

I called my friend Morgan from Hohner, who sponsored 25 guitars for our guitar smashing orgy, as we planned to destroy one per show.

But, as the whole stage design was supposed to be white, there was the next problem. All the guitars were natural or sunburst color. So the next day I went home depot shopping and painted the first guitars white at home in my kitchen, haha.

The rest we then painted at Black Box, or directly before a show. 

For this tour, I was also able to secure a microphone deal with the killer folks at SE Electronics (Toni, you rule !!!). We really had an armada of SE microphones at each show, that we also needed to customise to fit the stage design. So we used gaffa and spray paint and boom, we had white microphones ;)

My good friend Lars Richter, who runs the Richter Straps company also equipped the boys with his amazing guitar straps. Yes, you guessed it, in white obviously.

I can say without a doubt, that the shows of Lindemann have been an amazing experience. 

Lets hope for more, one way or another.