Custom Guitars for System of a Down

Stage guitars for a good cause !!!

I am very grateful to be able to call Serj Tankian a friend. Some years ago at a System show, Serj told me about the bands plans to do a special tour to commemorate the centennial of the Armenian genocide. As Serj usually plays guitar on two songs in the SOAD set, I proposed to him to design a special guitar representing this special occasion. Fast forward: the Wake up the Souls guitar was born. Used exclusively by Serj during the whole tour, it was later on auctioned off to support Orran, an Armenian organisation supporting families in need. Needless to say it went for big, big money. For the next tour we created another guitar together, which was inspired by a painting of Serj. After the tour, that guitar also went to charity. And here is a secret: A new one for the upcoming 2021 / 2022 (whenever Covid allows) tour is already done :)

And yeah...

There is a new one for the upcoming tour ;)

Check em out!