Web-TV and


VfB Suhl LOTTO Thüringen is a female volleyball-team playing in Germanys first division.

As budgets are usually tight in a sport like this, I invented a web-tv format called "Wolfsrudel TV" to create more awareness and more hype around the team. More awareness equals more sponsoring.

The first season of "Wolfsrudel TV" was a big success, as it brought th fans closer

to their favorite team in times of Covd-19.

More than 275.000 persons were reached with this new format in 35 episodes, making the underdog VfB Suhl LOTTO Thüringen a leading force in social-media reach and awareness in the league.

The teams outstanding social-media success was also recognised by the league officially.

The upcoming season 2 has now been sold to sponsors and with the money generated will support the teams vision for even more sporty success.

Besides the Web-TV, I am also working the

teams social-media channels.

Wolfsrudel TV

Web-TV with 35 Episode in Season 1 (2020-2021)